Letters From the Big Man – a new Bigfoot movie that is maybe not as much about Bigfoot at all

Sporting Big Feet and a Heart to Match

Mr. Munch’s wholehearted commitment to eccentric material has never been clearer than in his new film, “Letters From the Big Man,” a parable about man and nature in the form of a beauty-and-the-beast tale, involving a forestry worker (Lily Rabe) and a sasquatch (Isaac C. Singleton Jr. in a hairy bodysuit and face makeup).

The strange magic of “Letters From the Big Man” has much to do with its readiness to believe in the possibility that sasquatch exist.
Mr. Munch is prepared to go further and declare himself fully convinced. “I have no question of their existence,” he said. His circle of acquaintances in Oregon includes “people who were in situations where they were living among sasquatch, literally, and had developed a climate of mutual trust,” he said.

Source: New York Times

This theme has grown in the past few years – Bigfoot represents our contact with nature. This creature is such a powerful and successful cultural icon that it is not suprising that it appears ever more frequently in movies, on TV and as a marketing ploy. This sounds like an interesting movie that may reinforce believe (either physical or spiritual) in the big hairy guy.