Hypothes.is as a tool for skeptical activism

Hypothes.is Reaches Funding Goal

Good news came this past Sunday in the funding of a new software project that could become crucial for skeptics. The Kickstarter fund-raiser for Hypothes.is exceeded its initial goal of $100,000 for initial startup funds.

The purpose of Hypothes.is is an ambitious one. It hopes to be a peer review layer for the entire Internet. It is designed to address many of the shortcomings of the current state of the art in commenting online. […] I believe it will allow skeptics to post criticism of pseudoscience and the paranormal in such a way that the people who need it the most can see it.

Source: JREF and @krelnik Tim Farley on Twitter

Visit their website at http://hypothes.is/ and you might recognize the names of many of the donors to this ambitious and important project. Plus, sign up for a username!

I got my user name already. Did you? (Guess what it is? Right! You must be psychic! “Idoubtit”)

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