Generous gift to McGill Univ to continue fight against snake oil salesmen

Dr. Joe serves notice to quacks.

Charlatans and quacks beware – Joe Schwarcz has an extra $5.5 million to help put you out of business.

And, mark his words – the man behind McGill University’s renowned Office for Science and Society won’t rest until every bottle of Goji juice, every ounce of mistletoe extract and every coffee enema has been revealed for the sham that they are.

The new gift to McGill’s faculty of science from philanthropist Lorne Trottier, and earmarked for the office headed by “Dr. Joe,” means Schwarcz can do a lot more to promote science literacy – a particular passion of his which he shares with Trottier, co-founder of Matrox Electronics Systems.

It is believed to be the largest gift ever for science promotion in Canada, and Schwarcz says it will go a long way in his “battle against charlatans.”

Credit: @Blue_wode on twitter

Fantastic news. This is activism at it’s finest – promoting skepticism by targeting the products themselves. Dr. Joe Schwarcz notes that all the juices that make cure-all promises are the snake oil of this era. This donation assures that his work can continue.