FTC rules against “Hoodia” claims (Updated)

In FTC ‘Hoodia’ Weight Loss Case, Settlement Requires Defendants to Turn Over Assets.

As part of its ongoing efforts to stop bogus health claims, the Federal Trade Commission settled charges brought against three people and two companies for deceptively advertising a supposed weight-loss supplement ingredient. One defendant is banned from making any weight-loss claims related to foods, drugs, or dietary supplements and must turn over a vacation home and other assets to the FTC; another is banned from the dietary supplement business; and all defendants are barred from making any more deceptive claims. The marketers were part of a scheme that supplied manufacturers of weight-loss supplements with a substance they claimed was a derivative of the plant Hoodia gordonii (“hoodia”)…

Credit: @krelnik on Twitter

Is it just me or is the FTC doing a better job lately cracking down on deceptive ads? I like it.

Update: More on Hoodia from Science based medicine blog.

Dr. Hall writes:

At this point I think it is reasonable to give up on H. gordonii. It doesn’t produce weight loss, and it causes a number of adverse effects. There is no miracle product that will magically decrease your hunger and melt the pounds off. Don’t be Hoodia-winked.