FishBarrel: The easy way to report misleading health claims now works for the U.S.

Simon Perry, pseudoscience activist reports that Fish Barrel, an easy way to report misleading health claims online, now works in the U.S.

FishBarrel, a plugin for Google Chrome, (Adventures in nonsense: FishBarrel: The easy way to report misleading health claims online.) now works with the FDA to report claims you find online according to a tweet by Simon.

Next time you’re on a website containing misleading health claims, it will just take a few seconds to send them over to the ASA [or FDA]. I hope FishBarrel makes the difference between ignoring the misleading information and getting the claim removed.

Source: @Simon_Perry on Twitter

While in chrome, click on the link provided from the Adventures in nonsense blog post above and accept the install. I got a rubber duck icon in my Chrome toolbar. Click Options and in the top box, click “check users credentials”. Say yes to email a code to you to start your FishBarrel account. Use the help menu to see how to capture claims and take advantage of a simple way to report and have action taken on questionable claims. This type of skeptical activism can go a LONG way. Get moving!

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