Eye eye eye – credulous story about iridology

Kathryn picked up a flier giving information on alternative therapist Michelle Matthews and, having already visited her GP in vain, she decided to see if she could help.
The Australian-trained naturopath, based in Edinburgh, uses iridology on patients before prescribing herbs for treatment.
Iridology is the study and analysis of the iris (the coloured area of the eye). Parts of the eye are believed to relate to parts of the body so, by studying the iris in detail, the practitioner is able to glean information about the patient’s health.
Using the technique Michelle, who is a member of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists, gave Kathryn a detailed 60-minute consultation before giving her herbs to strengthen her immune system and balance her hormones.
Credit: @Blue_Wode on Twitter
A completely credulous article that fails to note the facts behind these eyes. Iridology is based on questionable assumptions. When tested, iridologists have failed to be able to diagnose illnesses. The chart of the iris, used to correspond to various organs, is completely unscientific and reminds me of astrology. This article is much silliness. Don’t buy it. For more see The Skeptic’s Dictionary and Quackwatch on the topic.