‘Electro-oversensitive’ man in Sweden is a terrible neighbor

‘Electro-oversensitive’ man in mobile phone blackout threat – The Local.

Despite a lack of scientific research into the health effects of the radiation emitted by mobile phone masts, Mora municipality in Dalarna County is about to create an area free of radiation following complaints filed by local resident Dan Bengtsson, 62.

In 2005 he moved … to escape the electricity and radiation.

“But I still have not managed to find a decent home. Mobile phone radiation is unavoidable. It is everywhere in Sweden,” he said.

The matter has already cost tax payers hundreds of thousands of kronor… and there are 140 separate documents pertaining to the affair in the case file.

The municipality environment office is hoping to meet Bengtsson half way, despite the possibility that creating a mobile phone “dead zone” could leave other residents without any reception for their mobile phones and television sets.

Credit: @Krelnik Tim Farley on Twitter

Oh, there’s a good plan. (?) Many suffer for the nonsensical demands of one? “There is no known biological mechanism for how a low level of exposure emitted by mobile base stations could have any detrimental health effects,” but let’s settle this anyway.

Several people commented about him getting a shielded house instead of inconveniencing everyone else. How about this comment: “Do nothing and tell him the zone has been created. I’m sure he’ll be all better.” Interesting!

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