Dog guards his late master’s grave

Loyal Dog Guards Grave Of Deceased Master

People living in a Chinese village have been so moved by a dog that has been guarding the grave of its deceased owner they plan to build a kennel for him.

The yellow dog belonged to Lao Pan, a single man who died earlier this month aged 68.

After his room in Panjiatun village near Qingdao city, Shandong Province, was cleared his dog disappeared.

But villagers later found the dog by the grave of its owner. Reports say that for seven days, the dog stayed there, refusing to leave.


These stories are not unusual. There are heartbreaking pictures on the web of dogs lying besides the fresh graves of their owners. It does not seem far fetched to think that a quick burial of a disaster victim results in the dog being able to locate the grave by smell. This doesn’t apply in a modern setting. The most famous graveyard dog was Greyfriars Bobby– the dog that supposedly stayed at his owners grave for 14 years.

Alas, this story is not so heart-warming when you look closely, as Jan Bondeson did to find out the truth.