Cumbria cursing stone is not supernatural

Councillor who tried to rid town of historic ‘cursing stone’ blamed for local disasters dies suddenly

A councillor who blamed a ‘cursing stone’ for local disasters and said the monument should be destroyed has died after a sudden illness.

Jim Tootle, 59, hit the headlines for suggesting that the cursing stone might have been responsible for the Cumbria floods of 2005 and the 2001 foot-and-mouth outbreak.

The huge granite stone is situated in an underpass close to Carlisle Castle, and features just over 300 words from a 1,069-word curse thought to be the world’s longest.

Credit: Fortean Times online

Nothing supernatural going on here. People die unexpectedly. That’s too bad. It was silly for him to blame the flooding on the stone. But the story of the stone is rather interesting. Check it out.