Cross pattern on log called “amazing, divine”

Pattern on log inspires faithful –

A tree cut down at an Escondido church is causing a stir among the faithful after some people reporting seeing the shape of a cross or angel inside its trunk.

Landscapers made the discovery on Monday while removing pine trees on the property of the 1st Congregational Church of Escondido. One of the workers, Salvador Maya, was the first to see the image β€” apparently formed in part by tree sap β€” and alerted his boss.

“Salvador yelled at me, ‘Look at this, it’s a cross, something sacred!'” said Jim Rants, owner of Star Landscape Maintenance. “So I looked at it and thought ‘Holy-moly, we’ve got something here. It’s just amazing, and to be on church property, it’s definitely something divine.”

Credit: @SkeptInquiry on Twitter

Meh. Pareidolia. Not even a very miraculous one.

“People of faith have eyes to see this, but skeptics do not.”

I got eyes. I see a pattern, not just what I want to see.

Photo: Jim Rants