Cambodia fainting factory reopens with blessings – insecticides blamed

Spirited reopening for Anful | National news | The Phnom Penh Post.

Workers at a garment factory that was temporarily shut after more than 200 women collapsed in two mass fainting incidents last week gathered yesterday at the facility in Kampong Speu province for a Buddhist ceremony intended to rid the factory of evil spirits.

Pheng Songoun, a representative of Anful Garments Manufacturing, said the ceremony was held to reassure the roughly 1,000 employees ahead of their return to work today that evil spirits had been expelled from the factory, which was closed by labour officials following the incident.

Credit: @Jen_Ogilvie on Twitter

Hang on…

Last Monday’s fainting was attributed to insecticide sprayed on fabrics, and Thursday’s fainting was attributed to lingering smells from the insecticide due to a lack of ventilation, according to government inspectors.

Were the women told that? Why are evil spirits involved unless you mean “spirit” in the sense of gases that might have made them sick. Important points to note in this story: Wash your clothes after purchasing – they can contain residue and superstition is still rampant in Cambodia but concern for workers health, not so much.