Burzynski “representative” continues a tirade against skeptics

In an update to this post regarding the Burzynski Clinic cancer research, things have heated up. Doubtful News was included in the new round of threats delivered by MAS (Marc Stephens). Skeptic.com, where this feed is syndicated, was also included. MAS seems to be under the impression that we are all in cahoots to bring down sites and projects we disagree with, like a Skeptic Mafia. Of course, that’s incorrect. Just because we all identify with the “skeptic” movement does not imply that we are even aware of each other. Well, we are aware now and there has been a flurry of activity this weekend as MAS continues his incoherent tirade as the spokesman for the Clinic.

Is this the kind of spokesman you would want? We await further developments.

Here is the latest in the story fresh off the blogs:

Do not miss this one! Rhys is on the ball: Threats from The Burzynski Clinic | Rhys’s Blog

Orac does a number on MAS and posts the latest tirade (received by us as well). Marc Stephens issues more threats on behalf of the Burzynski Clinic : Respectful Insolence

This is an excellent expose by a cancer specialist. Quite the takedown. Science-Based Medicine » Stanislaw Burzynski: Bad medicine, a bad movie, and bad P.R.

Burzynski relies on testimonials for evidence, all the while charging patients (like Billie Bainbridge) huge amounts of money to take part in his clinical trials, a practice that, while not illegal — although it should be — is highly unethical and quite properly viewed with suspicion by legitimate cancer clinical trialists like myself.

More comments on the “Burzynski movie”

And more…

Could the Burzynski clinic fall foul of UK law?

The Burzynski Clinic – Another Crank Tries to Intimidate a Blogger NeuroLogica Blog

A public record shows Burzynski failures.

In trouble with the Texas medical board.

Lots of links here to follow but the story is a good one. It is yet another attempt to silence fair criticism and questioning. I believe the point has been made. A bully who tries to silence a few incites the wrath of many.

Update (December 20): Interview with Andy Lewis by Kylie Sturgess

  3 comments for “Burzynski “representative” continues a tirade against skeptics

  1. November 28, 2011 at 1:07 PM

    What do I have to do to get threatened? Set myself on fire in front of his clinic? Jeez!


  2. idoubtit
    November 28, 2011 at 1:16 PM

    What struck me as funny was how MAS turned it into a conspiracy by our “skeptic network”. I was surprised to get the email. M. Shermer didn’t know anything about it. It actually brought people together to deal with a common enemy (? Not sure if that is the right word).

    In a way, I guess we did have a common goal, to bring perspective to the hype and show these claims were not all they were portrayed to be.

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