Burzynski bad PR moves continue

Continuing the tale of a cancer clinic being put through the skeptical wringer

Burzynski Fanatic Threatens Bloggers ‘Round the World – Houston News – Hair Balls.

​Here’s a warning for anyone out there considering blogging or tweeting anything questioning the greatness of cancer-curing Houston doc Stanislaw Burzynski: You will probably be threatened by the head of marketing for the Burzynski Patient Support Group.

We first heard about loose cannon Marc Stephens’s weird diatribes Monday, when a guy in England informed us that Stephens had earlier this month threatened 17-year-old Welsh blogger Rhys Morgan with a libel suit if Morgan didn’t remove any of his comments questioning the validity of Burzynski’s claims. Morgan is one of several bloggers around the world that Stephens has been threatening.

Source: Houston Press

Oh, but there is more. Much more.

Quite unbelievably:

We’ve left several messages for Burzynski Clinic spokeswoman Renee Trimble, trying to find out if they knew about — or approve of — Stephens’s actions, but we haven’t heard back. That’s what we call primo PR, Renee! Keep it up! We also e-mailed Stephens and have yet to hear back from him, either.

So, over a short time, SO much damage was done to the Burzinski reputation by a so-called representative of the Clinic allowed to run amok. And, when it all blew up on Monday, no one was around to address it and do damage control?! Incredible! I’m at a loss to see how they would let this get SO out of hand. But then…

Burzynski Clinic issued this press release today.

Marc Stephens was recently hired by the Burzynski Clinic as an independent contractor to provide web optimization services and to attempt to stop the dissemination of false and inaccurate information concerning Dr. Burzynski and
the Clinic.


As you see, the press release provides additional information, but they seem to be sticking to their guns and seem, well, let’s say, not so pleasant.

Update: All those citations on the press release? Lame.

Orac speaks on the same matter.

This saga is far from over. Stay tuned.

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