Activism win: Boots removes homeopathic products

Boots removes homeopathic remedy advertising after MHRA upholds complaint – Chemist + Druggist.

Boots [UK pharmacy] has removed all point of sales displays for homeopathic remedies from its stores after the MHRA upheld a complaint made by a member of the public about some of the adverts’ content.

The 27 homeopathic products affected were indicated for conditions including earaches, chesty coughs and indigestion.

Source: @Simon_Perry and @EdzardErnst on Twitter

So Boots had been in violation and someone willing to call it out made a difference. It’s a great start. Here is more about Simon Perry who filed the complaint.

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  2. bshistorian
    November 5, 2011 at 3:35 PM

    Holy cow! I nearly made a similar complaint, but never thought it would come to anything. Bloody well done Mr Perry! Now, if someone could just bust those magnetic bracelet stalls in shopping malls…

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