Back in time to that mystic land – Stonehenge

Holy Stonehenge ‘More Sacred’ Than Realised: Study

New research claims to have unravelled the secret history behind the construction of Stonehenge and found evidence linking the archaeological marvel to prehistoric solar-based religious beliefs. There is also the possibility of Stonehenge having been a sacred symbol at least 500 years earlier than realized.

A report published in the Independent states that the monument, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, dated back to 3100 B.C. and may even have been an important sacred site 500 years before the first stone circle was erected. The research suggests that the layout of the site’s key aspect must have been determined by the “holy and sacred” nature of the site and could have been associated with the worship of the Sun.

Credit: BBC News who also has this story Archaeologists make new Stonehenge ‘sun worship’ find

Ground-penetrating radar is being used to look into the ground without disturbing it. This is pretty interesting stuff that gives us insight into the past. Still, Stonehenge is considered very “mysterious” and “mystical”.

Exhibit A.

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