A royal UFO flap

Prince Philip’s UFO Interest Inspires New Biography

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband to the queen of England, is also a fervent UFO aficionado. His UFO interests are not only included in a new biography, author Philip Eade writes in his forward that the idea for the biography came about when he was considering writing a book about prominent ufologists in the period after World War II. The biography is titled, Prince Philip: The Turbulent Early Life of the Man Who Married Queen Elizabeth II…

This story from the Daily Beast gives details. It’s gets a bit crazy…

Source: Huffington Post

What is with the royal family? Do they not have enough to do than to dabble in pseudoscientific topics like UFOs, homeopathy and psychics, among others. Apparently, the history of the royals involvement with unscientific topics is long and varied. Oddly, that sort of reflects the views of the commoners, not the highly educated.

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