UFO: Or how I learned to stop worrying and just see mystery orbs over Missouri

On October 8th 2011, a husband and wife, saw two glowing orbs from their car in Missouri and the wife filmed it on her iPhone. It was later uploaded to YouTube by someone else later on.

Here’s the description of the YouTube video:

“My wife witnessed 2 glowing orbs in the sky while she was driving down our street on SE Sherrett St. She has an incredible video that she shot from her iPhone, through her windshield. The lights spun around each other and then descended to the ground where they then went behind some trees and out of view. She is very reluctant to share this experience, so I am writing this for her. The video is 34 seconds long, and it is incredible.”

And here’s the video:

Credit: Ghost Theory

Given how bright the objects are, they may not be as far away as it might seem at first glance. They also move very fast and rather flowingly through the air, so potentially remote control toy airplanes or helicopters equipped with LED lights.

It could also be ball lightning but the conditions don’t seem right. But, it would be premature to say it’s something paranormal.