Investigating the Bennington Triangle of Vermont

In ‘Bennington Triangle,’ Be afraid, be very afraid – Bennington Banner.

A team of paranormal investigators hiked into Glastenbury over the weekend to survey the area known as the “Bennington Triangle.”

Provided that they ever make it out safely, the group will use the experience along with any found phenomena in a hourlong documentary that will explore Glastenbury’s rich and varied folklore.

“If we find something (that) could be very impressive, if we don’t find something, I think that tells us something entirely different about the location,” Smith said. Either way, the timing couldn’t be more opportune.

“Right now we’re living in the biggest heightened interest in the paranormal since the Victorian Era, since the birth of the spiritual movement,” Smith said, crediting that popularity to a slew of paranormal investigation television shows.

Source: Bennington Banner

Hmm. Seems this place has its share of mystery lore – where probably unrelated things get grouped together under the heading “weird”. Once the legend is in place, everything odd is attributed to the “mystery” site. Nice for tourism.