Mystery plane ‘crash’ in the U.K.

Plane ‘crash’ mystery deepens – News – getreading – Reading Post.

An aircraft that flew dangerously low, made a strange noise and left behind a smell of burning fuel over Tilehurst is being covered up by the authorities, witnesses claim.

Hundreds of people heard a “deafening” noise over Tilehurst, Calcot and areas of West Berkshire and some say they saw what could have been a passenger jet flying over town at around 8.30pm last Thursday, sparking rumours of a plane crash in Sulham Woods.

But the police say they have no record of any incident and nor does the Civil Aviation Authority.

Credit: Ghost Theory

This event did seem to scare a number of observers. Lots of people are speculating what it could have been in the comments to this article. The article from Ghost Theory citing it even makes a suggestion it was a phantom aircraft. Hmm.