JREF’s Open Letter to James Van Praagh goes unanswered

An Open Letter to James Van Praagh: What Are You Hiding From?.

After Van Praagh made himself look questionable on an ABC News Nightline special about psychics, the James Randi Educational Foundation formally delivered to him an invitation to show his powers to the world. The letter from President D.J. Grothe begins:

I’m sure you received my letter of Sept. 9 encouraging you to accept the James Randi Educational Foundation’s Million Dollar Challenge by agreeing to demonstrate your claimed psychic powers in a fair, mutually-agreed-upon test, under conditions that would prevent cheating. The certified letter was confirmed to have been picked up from your local post office.

He hasn’t responded.

Source: Randi.org

Frankly, he doesn’t need to “prove” his powers when so many people simply accept that he has them and pay him handsomely for it. (Did you note his incredible house shown in ABC program?) I predict, he NEVER will accept. He’s doing just fine. But, his lack of response is just as bad as Leigh-Catherine’s naivety about the Challenge. They know they just can’t pass muster.

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  1. Sally Owens
    October 13, 2011 at 5:31 PM

    As a postal worker, I notice that your letter to Mr Van Praagh has a “return receipt” to confirm delivery. Did you get that green postcard back to confirm delivery? If so, you should scan that and post as well. Posting a photo of letter really doens’t mean anything.

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