Icky rain falls on Canadian home

Disturbing mystery plagues Dieppe home

It’s a beautiful Saturday in June. You’ve set up a big lobster dinner for your family on the patio out back. Some of those family members are lounging on the hammock and swinging chair, some ready to dig in to the delicious feast set before them.

All of the sudden, a good half of the patio, along with you and your family, are drenched in a thick, light-brown substance, speckled with blue-coloured liquid, that seemingly just fell from the sky.

“We were joking about it, thinking that it could never happen to anyone of us ever again,” she said. “But then it did again, in the same spot, last week.”

Source: Times Transcript (Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada)

Is it from a plane, from birds? Whatever it is, it’s a bit weird but not unheard of. Once, you could brush off but twice? That’s disturbing.