Glass falls because of poltergeist or wet counter

Haunting moment as phantom glass-flinger is caught on camera

Strange occurrences have been reported over the years by staff, customers and guests staying at the Shurland Hotel.

Now, one of the spooky incidents at the Eastchurch venue has finally been caught on film.
Staff got a fright when a full pint glass flew off one of the tables and smashed on the floor as they sat talking about the issue of suicide.

Desperate to prove it wasn’t a prank, they begged owner Steven Haynes to check the bar’s CCTV.

The recording of the event, which happened at 10.36am on Friday, can now be viewed on YouTube.

Credit: Ghost Theory

Here is the video:

The folks at Ghost Theory have a better explanation.

I think we all ruled that one out as just a customer placing down their cold drink on the smooth surface of the table. Placing it on top of spilled water or alcohol will give the glass the friction-less surface it needs to glide on. Couple that with the customer just walking in, swinging the door open and you have yourself poltergeist activity caught on tape.

This doesn’t explain all the reports from the location and we’ll wait to see if they film any others but this, for sure, did not look all that supernatural. Shame to waste a beer though.