‘Ghost Hunters Live’ Oct. 31 show at Pennhurst Asylum

ParanormalPopCulture: Pennhurst Asylum: Site of ‘Ghost Hunters Live’ Oct. 31 show.

Syfy’s Ghost Hunters will do a live show at Pennhurst Asylum on October 31st, as a Halloween special for the Syfy channel.

What’s interesting about the choice of Pennhurst for the live show is that the location hosts a Halloween haunted house attraction. Even though the Pennhurst campus takes up 112 acres with more than 20 buildings, it would seem the haunted attraction could provide unique challenges to securing the investigation site.

Source: Paranormal Pop Culture

If you can stand X amount of hours of these clowns running around Pennhurst scaring themselves, more power to you. I can’t tolerate more than about 15 minutes. But, it’s a good exercise in bad investigating, the influence of suggestion and environment and lots of bias. Much deliberate enhancement of drama is sure to be displayed.

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  1. idoubtit
    October 30, 2011 at 12:13 PM

    So Pennhurst also has a haunted house feature running? How will they secure the grounds? Be skeptical of EVPs and dark figures.

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