‘E-Cat’ energy device claims to work using cold fusion (updated)

Cold fusion rears its head as ‘E-Cat’ research promises to change the world (Wired UK).

Rossi, an Italian inventor, claims to have come up with the Holy Grail of power generation, an “Energy Catalyser” or E-Cat, which produces limitless energy. He has already carried out laboratory demonstrations in front of scientists and the Italian media, and in October he plans to unveil a one-megawatt power plant in the US. If it works, the E-Cat is the biggest thing since atomic power, bringing an inexhaustible supply of cheap energy. It looks much too good to be true and many dismiss it as an obvious scam, but Rossi has powerful support from some surprising quarters.

The E-Cat is deceptively simple: hydrogen is passed over a special catalyst based on nickel in a container about a litre in size, and enough heat is produced to boil water. A demonstration in January appeared to show a several kilowatts of output from a four hundred watt input. The catalyst is secret, but Rossi says it can be produced at low cost. The two questions that matter: does it really work? And what are the implications if it does?

Source: Wired Magazine (U.K.)

Oh, no. Another cheap energy machine. This one uses the principles of cold fusion, never been established as genuine. Investors are asking for money to produce the device.

Update October 14: One test was passed but note, the results are from a biased source. The device needs to be tested independently by experts.