Doctors Reluctant to Treat Unvaccinated Children

Doctors Reluctant to Treat Unvaccinated Children, Study Shows.

More than one fifth of pediatricians stopped treating children whose parents refused to have them vaccinated, according to an online survey of doctors in nine U.S. states.

“Pediatricians are starting to recognize that having unimmunized patients in their practice puts other patients at risk when they congregate in the waiting room,” said Christopher Harrison, director of the infectious disease research laboratory at Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics in Kansas City, Missouri, in a telephone interview. “They’re conflicted and the data shows this.”

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The doctors report that the parents’ most-common reason for not vaccinating was fear of autism linked to a vaccine preservative and concerns about side effects. How sad is this? Even though they try to educate them, it may take a long time to get the bad information out of the system.