“Chupacabra” killed in Mississippi

Homeowner shoots dead strange creature he thinks is a chupacabra.

With its blue hairless body, rounded ears and scarily sharp teeth, this strange creature has been creating quite a stir.

Truitt Barnard, who gunned the beast down in his Simpson County garden after spying it from 130 yards, said: Strangest animal I’ve ever seen. I’ve been hunting 50 years.

‘It had a long face, no hair, red rough hide, his ears were rounded, and had double canines which were 3/4 inch long.’

Source: Daily Mail

Here’s a picture of the supposed chupacabra:

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Or, you know, a furless canid. It certainly looks weird and that makes people nervous. But not THAT weird.

The story of chupacabras is a fascinating tale of mistaken assumptions and pop culture. Current version of “chupacabra” is a hairless dog-like creature which always turns out to be an unfortunate animal suffering from sarcopic mange. But, the original chupa was a bipedal, red-eyed, spiky-backed, alien-like, paranormal menace. The definitive book on the topic is by Benjamin Radford. Get it. It’s outstanding.

Also for more on the story of the chupacabras and it’s many forms, see the Skeptic Dictionary entry.

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  1. evenarsenicisnatural
    October 7, 2011 at 10:18 PM

    Somebody’s Chinese Crested pooch….

    Double canines are retained puppy teeth that never fell out when the adult teeth came in.

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