Baseball players sport titanium necklaces » Baseball’s New Bling Is Made For Believers.

Shouting “Your pitcher wears a necklace!” sounds like the kind of remark that could start a brawl in a major league ballpark. But if you watch this year’s playoffs, you may notice most players do.

Not pearls — pearls would clash with most uniforms anyway — but a “metal-infused wellness product” that’s apparently strands of titanium wrapped in nylon.

It’s made by a Japanese company whose website doesn’t even try to claim the necklace gives athletes an extra jolt of balance, calmness or energy. It just says: “Helping you be your best — optimizing your life.”

Credit: SkeptInquiry on Twitter

The author of this article notes that baseball players are a particularly superstitious lot. But it’s not about good luck but about the ridiculous claims about what these products can do. It’s no different from the Power Balance bracelets.

These items are NOT new. As seen here. But wow, they are quite gaudy, IMO. They are woven nylon, as can be found on the website.

I like the comment to the article above from a person who works at a sports store who claims these are the most stolen item; whatever…as a status symbol I hope, but I think they make you look nothing but gullible.

Update: Great article in ArsTechnica