When truth is subjective: the entrenched American divide over global warming

American divide over global warming getting deeper :msnbc.com.

…the “greenhouse effect” is real and is happening. And yet resistance to the idea among many in the U.S. appears to have hardened.

In the face of years of scientific findings and growing impacts, the doubters persist. They ignore long-term trends and seize on insignificant year-to-year blips in data to claim all is well. They focus on minor mistakes in thousands of pages of peer-reviewed studies to claim all is wrong. And they carom from one explanation to another for today’s warming Earth: jet contrails, sunspots, cosmic rays, natural cycles.

Source: MSNBC

This is a sad story of culture wars, populism and politics. Facts, critical thought, and truth no longer matter. That’s a VERY scary outlook for humanity.