Troy Davis case: A Grievous Wrong on Georgia’s Death Row

A Grievous Wrong on Georgia’s Death Row –

Troy Davis is scheduled to be executed on Wednesday for the 1989 killing of a police officer in Savannah, Ga. The Georgia pardon and parole board’s refusal to grant him clemency is appalling in light of developments after his conviction: reports about police misconduct, the recantation of testimony by a string of eyewitnesses and reports from other witnesses that another person had confessed to the crime.

Even the European Union has weighed in

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The NYT article highlights the “egregious errors” in this case – reliance on faulty eyewitness testimony, lack of physical evidence, contamination of memories, influencing witnesses. Many in the skeptics community have rallied around the cause of Mr Davis based on the conclusion that the basis of this conviction is severely flawed. Yet, the prosecutors still hold that the execution take place. Today. How inhuman.