The puzzles of autism – Dealing with conflicting information on the Internet

The puzzles of autism. (Vancouver Sun)

With so many misleading messages and conflicting perspectives about autism, making informed treatment decisions for children can seem like an impossible task. Further, new University of B.C. research suggests that such websites are one-sided and confusing. The researchers are taking a closer look at these sites and have found that one-quarter of the cited scientific research doesn’t support the claims they are linked to.

What to do? Where to begin? In addition to all of this, parents must deal with a new, daunting diagnosis.

Credit: @stevesilberman on Twitter

This is the situation for many people on the Internet. They find information that looks credible but has no basis in fact. How can they know what is true and what is nonsense, especially when it looks like it comes from valid sources. Scary and sad for troubled parents just looking for what’s best for their kids.


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