Smell your zodiac signs through astrological perfumes

Now, smell your zodiac signs through astrological perfumes.

“Day-by-day we see people getting hooked on to astrology and zodiac signs. So we decided to give a twist to astrology and create something new. What’s more, the Indian astrology science does mention in detail about smells associated with zodiac signs. Hence, we consulted several astrologers and did a detailed research work on perfume based on zodiac signs. We will be the first such company to launch such perfumes,” said Maulesh Ukani, managing director, Ban Labs.

While the product is still in advanced research phase, Ban Labs is aiming to launch the brand in next 2-3 months.

Credit: Blue_wode on Twitter

Really? Whatevs… Wait, what if you are Cancer or Taurus? Crab or bull smell? Yuck.