Russia to hold International Conference on Yeti (Updated)

Russia to hold International Conference on Yeti: Voice of Russia.

An international conference devoted to the [Abominable] Snowman or Yeti will be held for the first time in Russia. Prominent scientists from the U.S., Canada, Spain, Sweden and Mongolia will arrive in the Kemerovo region of southern Siberia early next month. Among them are biologists, anthropologists, geneticists, experts in bioinformatics, ecologists and historians. All these scientists are enthusiasts who are studying the Yeti phenomenon.

Credit: @blue_wode on Twitter

The article features comments from the director of the International Hominology Centre in Moscow, Igor Burtsaev. Burtsaev asserts that these creatures have paranormal abilities and can shift dimensions. I can’t fathom why any genuine scientist would want to be associated with that. But, Professor Jeff Meldrum of Idaho Univ and others are planning to participate.

Update: Article from Mongolia-web about how people in Tashtagol still believe in the Yeti.

Update October 4: Fox News has this story. You just never can tell how long it will take for the media to pick stuff up and how long it will remain in the news. Strangely enough, this story makes the scientists sound completely legit and don’t mention any supernatural leanings.

Here is another one from the Daily Mail

But you ought to see these truly AWFUL photographs of the Russian yeti revealed last week. Sorry, I didn’t post them earlier but I seriously thought they were too silly. Yet, they are making the rounds on the Internet. Go figure.

Update October 5: This story has hit mainstream media big time. Sadly, none have picked up on the ridiculous ideas espoused like this (from top story):

“We have concluded that these living beings are in principle human beings because they can even talk and communicate with people. They are another species that differ from us, of course. Yetis are well adapted to nature. Their life style is similar to that of animals. They do not use tools, clothes or fire but are quite intelligent. They have their own weapons – paranormal capabilities, which have helped them to survive and even compete with humans. They have shifted to another dimension – crepuscular life and live in not easily accessible places,” Igor Burtsaev said.