Lebanon authorities hunting “Satanists”

Lebanon news-Hunting “Satanists”.

Many heavy metal musicians in Lebanon have become accustomed to the authorities raiding their homes and the clubs where they hang out every few years and arresting them for “Satanism” because of their tattoos, their lifestyle and their music.

The authorities’ hunt for “Satanists” started in 1996 when a high-ranking military officer’s son, a fan of heavy metal, shot himself with his father’s gun. “Slowly reports in some newspapers started to accuse hard rock and metal music of making young people commit suicide.” This was the trigger for the first “Satanist” hunt in Lebanon.

Credit: @Blue_wode on Twitter

The authorities are basing their arrests on superstition and prejudice. It’s actually pretty difficult to find practicing Satanists, I imagine. But, these guys apparently don’t know the difference between heavy metal and emo.