Finding Bigfoot looks for ‘Big Rhody’ in Rhode Island

TV crew looks for Bigfoot, aka ‘Big Rhody,’ in Rhode Island – Projo 7 to 7 News Blog The Providence Journal.

If there’s only one Bigfoot, why so many states?

“That is a misconception,” [Keith] Hoffman [producer] said. “There are many Bigfoots. The one in Rhode Island they call Big Rhody.”

A Bigfoot is tall and hairy and otherwise looks and walks like a human, Hoffman said. But Bigfoots, Hoffman said, are a little different in different parts of the country.

Source: The Providence Journal

Apparently they got quite a turnout after asking for residents to come to a town meeting last week.

The producer and some other cryptozoologists subscribe to the idea that there are different types of these animals all over the world. Not just one undiscovered species but perhaps dozens. Go on, stretch credibility EVEN more. Check out this article for other unsupported “facts” that have no basis – a common practice for the folks at Finding Bigfoot.

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  1. September 27, 2011 at 3:11 PM

    I am one of the four who posted or filed a report on B.F.R.O., my encounter happened in the mid. 70’s. And what I saw looking at me some twenty feet away was no Joke! It was certainly not anyone’s wife either.

    Would like to discuss this issue in full anytime and anyplace.

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