‘Walking Pine Cone’ Anteater Being Smuggled Toward Extinction

‘Walking Pine Cone’ Anteater Being Smuggled Toward Extinction.

Legend has it that the “walking pine cone” pangolin anteater can cure a bevy of medical woes, and even boost sexual abilities.

Of course, “legend” says a lot of things, and this particular theory is wiping out the last species of the pangolin still around.

Credit @krelnik @whatstheharm on Twitter

Alternative medicine, or in this particular case, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), isn’t just harmful to you as a consumer, it’s also a part of the problem why certain exotic animals in Africa and Asia are facing extinction. As is the case with the ‘walking pine cone’ anteater as “some believe the scales cure skin diseases, cure rheumatism and help with a wide variety of other medical ailments (…)”